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 Total Solar Eclipse of 2016 March 8-9
 in Indonesia or Micronesia

The point of greatest eclipse (totality phase during 4 min 9 sec) lies in the middle of the Pacific Ocean east of Indonesia where about 10 million people live inside the totality path. To observe the 2016 March 8-9 total solar eclipse, I propose tours only in eastern Indonesia, in the Northern Maluku, where the ground weather prospects are the best and the duration the longest. However the local infrastructure is fairly limited. The Woleai atoll, belonging to Micronesia, offers the longest land-based duration very close to its maximum but its airstrip is out of order so the logistics would be far too complex. Nevertheless do contact me as I can take you there if this is what you want. There are numerous viewing locations along the path, however paying close attention to the weather patterns and local terrain topography will be mandatory unless you’re on a cruise ship in the Pacific Ocean where the sky is usually clearer. Moreover the 2015-2016 El Niño episode does somewhat improve the weather prospects in Indonesia, although at the expense of many more fires and smoke over Kalimantan (Borneo).

You can use this solar eclipse calculator to compute the local circumstances of the eclipse, and the solar eclipse timer notifies the beginning of the various events. A time exposure calculator is there to help you choose your camera settings.

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Total Solar Eclipse 2016
Eclipse circumstances

Eclipse 2016 March Cloud Cover Map
Average cloudiness in March along the total eclipse path
(courtesy of Jay Anderson)

Total Solar Eclipse 2016 Animation
Eclipse animation

Halmahera First Second Maximum Third Fouth Contact Simulation Indonesia
Simulation from first to fourth contact at the eastern shores of Halmahera island, Indonesia

Total Solar Eclipse 2016 Stereographic Projection Map
Stereographic projection map with semi-duration outlines

North Molucca North Maluku Utara Indonesia
North Maluku in Indonesia

Eclipse simulation using Solar Eclipse Maestro

Solar Eclipse Geolocation Smartphone Tool

How to optimize your position using your smartphone

To know in real-time how well you’re doing in terms of position in relation to the totality path you can use this auto-tracking geolocation tool
or a more complex map (all the URL on one single line with no spaces)
Remove the ?Map=ROADMAP at the end of the URL if you want to stay in the default SATELLITE mode. Of course the map mode can still be selected once the map is loaded. And the road traffic can be displayed as well.

The tool has been tested with success on a variety of devices from iOS to Android, Windows Phone and Blackberry. Nevertheless please report any problem you may encounter and don’t forget to provide a screenshot and a detailed description.

Then to activate the tool click on the lower icon on the left side, the one looking like a blueish shooting target Solar Eclipse Geolocation Tool Icon. Once activated you should be prompted to accept being geolocated, so answer positively and the map should center on your current position and track your movements (it will work as well on a desktop computer connected via an Ethernet cable and even better via Wi-Fi). To deactivate the tool and stop the tracking click again on the button.
Depending on your device you may have to authorize geolocation in the general settings as well. For example on iOS or OSX you should do so in the privacy settings.
The detailed circumstances bubble is disabled while the auto-tracking geolocation is activated in order not to clutter the screen too much.

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Night sky brightness in 2006 in Indonesia

This is page "Introduction" |  Page "Scouting" |  Page "Eclipse" |  Page "Google Map" |  Page "Weather" |  Page "Gerhana Matahari"

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