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 Total Solar Eclipse of 2002 December 4
 near Andamooka, Australia

To observe the total solar eclipse on December 4, 2002, I went in Australia. This eclipse was also visible from Southern Africa before Australia. But in order to maximize the chances of observing in the best weather conditions, it was much better to choose the australian outback, even though the eclipse duration would only be of 30 secondes in Australia, in comparison with over a minute in Africa.
It was also worth to observe the end of the eclipse at sunset. The sky was perfectly blue and clear, however a 40 km/h (25 mph) gusting wind was triggering vibrations on the photographic equipment.

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Currency Notes Australia
Bank currency: Australian Dollar

WA/SA Border village 2002
State border between
Western Australia and Southern Australia

Signalisation Route Animaux
Road sign

Namburg Pinnacles
Namburg National Park
(Western Australia)

Australia 2002
Lagoon in Western Australia

Dolphin Australia Monkey Mia 2002
Wild dolphin in Monkey Mia
(Western Australia)

Gantheaume Australia 2002
Gantheaume Point
(Western Australia)

Tanami track Australia 2002
Tanami track
(Western Australia and Northern Territory)

Uluru Ayers Rock Australia 2002
Uluru — Ayers Rock
(Northern Territory)

Rainbow Valley Australia 2002
Rainbow Valley
(Northern Territory)

Police Australia 2002
Australian Outback Police
(Southern Australia)

Map Eclipse 2002
Eclipse map

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