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 Total Solar Eclipse of 2008 August 1st
 Gansu Province, China

To observe the 2008 August 1st total solar eclipse, my "Eclipse-City" associates and myself have setup two viewing locations in China : the first one in the Xinjiang Province and the second north of Jinta in the Gansu Province. With up to 200 attendees Eclipse-City’s InterSoles conference took place in Jiayuguan on July 31st.
Following recent events in China, we have decided to relocate our international scientists group from one of our two chinese eclipse viewing sites to the other. While the relocation proved to be a difficult and challenging task on such a short term notice, both viewing sites saw totality and experiments were carried out successfully. The Institute for Astronomy in Hawaii has made a short report mentioning our Eclipse-City camp from where they observed the eclipse.

You can use this solar eclipse calculator to compute the local circumstances of the eclipse, and the solar eclipse timer notifies the beginning of the various events. A time exposure calculator is there to help you choose your camera settings.

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Eclipse 2008 Chapelet

Eclipse 2008 Eclipse-City Sleep Camp
Eclipse-City camp before sunrise
on August 1st

Eclipse 2008 Eclipse-City Jinta Camp
Eclipse-City camp north of Jinta

Eclipse 2008 Eclipse-City Camp Landscape
Eclipse-City Jinta camp landscape

Eclipse 2008 Eclipse-City Coach Bus
Eclipse-City coach

Eclipse 2008 Eclipse-City InterSoles Conference Jiayuguan July 31
Eclipse-City’s InterSoles conference
in Jiayuguan on July 31st

Eclipse 2008 Eclipse-City InterSoles Lecture Jiayuguan
Lecture at Eclipse-City’s
InterSoles conference

Eclipse 2008 Eclipse-City University Hawaii Institute Astronomy
University of Hawaii
Institute for Astronomy

Eclipse 2008 Eclipse-City NASA
NASA tent at Eclipse-City’s camp

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Page 1 |  Page "Viewing Sites" |  This is page "Eclipse in Gansu" |  Page "Google Map" |  Page "Cloud Cover"

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