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 Total Solar Eclipse of 2001 June 21
 South of Lucusse, Angola

To observe the total solar eclipse on June 21, 2001, I went by 4WD in the Moxico province in Angola, starting from Lusaka the capital of Zambia. There the totality phase lasted 4 minutes and 7 seconds and the weather was nearly perfect. If I had any troubles to go to Angola, I could easily fall back in Zambia, a much safer and accessible country than Angola, but with a shorter eclipse duration and potentially less pleasant weather. The sky during the eclipse was marvelous.
Zambian friends, with their Toyota LandCruiser 4WDs, escorted me during all the odyssey towards Angola. Their ethnic background was the area of Zambia along the border with Angola, which simplified the organisation of my short stay in Angola.

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Lusaka Airport Zambia Eclipse 2001
Lusaka airport in Zambia

Zambia Lusaka Toyota LandCruiser Eclipse 2001
Toyota LandCruiser in Lusaka

Zambia Lusaka Swimming Pool Eclipse 2001
Garden and pool in Lusaka

Bill Kwacha Angola Eclipse 2001
Kwacha bill of Angola

Unita Angola Eclipse 2001
Unita soldier

Angola Eclipse 2001
Inhabitants of Angola

Angola Eclipse 2001
Life in Angola

Angola Eclipse 2001
Destroyed military truck
near Lucusse in Angola

Map Eclipse 2001
Eclipse map

Map Eclipse 2001
Path of Totality map of Angola
and western Zambia

Space Eclipse 2001
Eclipse from space

Angola Eclipse 2001
Surroundings of Lucusse in Angola
(viewing site before the eclipse)

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