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 Solar Eclipse Conference 2011 (SEC 2011)
 New Delhi, India

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A Convergence of Eclipses Chasers

The Solar Eclipse Mailing List (SEML) and before the Solar Eclipse Newsletter (SENL) had been successful as a vehicle in bringing together solar eclipse enthusiasts, professionals and amateurs alike. The Solar Eclipse Conference in Antwerp (SEC 2000), October 2000, was an extension of the electronic contacts and was for sure a success. In two days over 35 lectures had been presented to 155 participants from 22 different countries. The Solar Eclipse Conference is repeated at non-central eclipse years. The international Solar Eclipse Conference of 2004 (SEC 2004) was held in August 2004 at the Open University of Milton Keynes, England. SEC 2004 had 115 delegates out of 20 different countries. The last international Solar Eclipse Conference (SEC 2007) was held in August 2007 at the renovated Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, USA. Close to 200 attendees came. During the SEC 2007, Patrick and Joanne Poitevin, the organizers of the first three SECs, decided to leave the organization of the next SEC to others.
The next international Solar Eclipse Conference (SEC 2011) will be held in New Delhi, India. The program starts Thursday 15 December 2011 morning and will end Saturday 17 December 2011 late afternoon. As an additional reason to come, don’t forget that there will be a total lunar eclipse on December 10 : visible from India, throughout Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the western Pacific Ocean.
This fourth conference is organized by SPACE that I would like to thank already for the successful Solar Eclipse Workshop (SEW 2009) they had previously organized two years ago.

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SEC 2007 Xavier Jubier Solar Eclipse Mapping On Off Web
3rd International Solar Eclipse Conference
at Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, USA
(25 August 2007 Xavier Jubier lecture)
Over the last decade, there have been dramatic changes in solar eclipse traveling. Solar Eclipse specialists meet most of the time in the shadow of the Moon. Solar Eclipse meetings out of totality are rare, or are mainly focused on solar physics. The Solar Eclipse Mailing List and before the Solar Eclipse Newsletter has been successful as a vehicle in bringing together solar eclipse enthusiast, professionals and amateurs alike. Because there was no central eclipse in 2000 it was the perfect opportunity for an International Solar Eclipse Conference.

The aim of the conferences is to bring together professionals and amateurs, addicts, enthusiasts, chasers, and students, as with the mailing list and the newsletter, sharing information, knowledge, and experience. For the same reason other international Solar Eclipse Conferences were held in 2004 and 2007.

After three international Solar Eclipse Conferences (SEC 2000, SEC 2004 and SEC 2007), we feel that still not all topics and subjects, related to solar eclipses have been presented and discussed. SEC 2011 will be the next opportunity to meet and discuss.

Three intensive days of lectures will be given in each of the disciplines : predictions, mathematics, solar physics, weather forecasting, eye safety, travel, education, edge and central, and ancient eclipse research. Of course the latest and forthcoming solar eclipses should be great topics of discussion, along with the last-in-a-lifetime Venus Transit. On Saturday, during the evening, a cultural event will take place followed by a dinner and informal meetings.
A number of international guest speakers are invited to give a lecture on their own specialized subject. The complete list will be available at a later time. In addition to the invited speakers, there are already quite a number of speakers lined up. However, delegates who wish to give presentations or demonstrations during the conference are expected to send the gist of their presentation latest by 2011 October 1st.
The complete list of lectures which are finalised from time to time will be updated on a regular basis and the final allotment of presentation slots should be finalized on November 1st.

A scientific panel will finalise the presentations and lectures to be included in the conference. The names of the panellists include Sachin Bahmba (SPACE), Sheridan Williams, Xavier Jubier, Dipankar Banerjee (Indian Institute of Astrophysics) along with a few more.
Among the expected speakers one can find:
Jay Anderson, Glenn Schneider, Dipankar Banerjee, Fred Espenak, Sheridan Williams, Xavier Jubier, Hamid D. Khodashenas, Daniel Fischer, Nandivada Rathnashree, Léo Dubal, Rick Brown, Ajay Talwar, Terry Cuttle, Joe Cali and Kris Delcourte
Astronomers and educators from scientific institutes, planetariums, school students, representatives from astronomical associations and societies worldwide, eclipse chasing enthusiasts, and scientific officers of all the embassies in India will mark their presence at the conference.

The topics in blue are all indoor presentations. The topics in orange are all outdoor demonstration under the pleasant winter Sun in the afternoon.

Day 1: Thursday December 15th, 2011 (science, statistics of eclipses)
Time Title Speaker Duration Abstract Biography
09:00 Registration   60mn
10:00 Inauguration and Welcome (Tilak, Lighting of Diya, Invocation Dance)  Sachin Bahmba, SPACE 30mn   biography
10:30 Address by Chief Guest   30mn    
11:00 Keynote Address  Siraj Hasan 30mn   biography
11:30 About SPACE and SPACE Initiatives  Sachin Bahmba 30mn   biography
12:00 About SEC (cancelled)  Patrick Poitevin 30mn abstract biography
12:30 Tea Break
12:45 Transit of Venus  Fred Espenak 35+10mn abstract biography
13:30 Umbraphilic Ramblings and a Trip Down Memory Lane  Glenn Schneider 35+10mn abstract biography
14:15 Lunch
15:00 Preservation of Eclipse-Related Material  Sheridan Williams 35+10mn abstract biography
15:45 Where Did Totality Take Place Before 1913?  Léo Dubal 35+10mn abstract biography
16:30 Tea Break
16:45 Solar Coronal Studies  Dipankar Banerjee 35+10mn   biography
17:30 30 Years Career of an Eclipse Chaser  Kris Delcourte 35+10mn abstract biography
18:15 End of first day proceedings
Day 2: Friday December 16th, 2011 (exploration, observation techniques, etc.)
Time Title Speaker Duration Abstract Biography
10:00 Solar Eclipse Experiments for Students  James R. Huddle 35+10mn abstract biography
10:45 Upcoming Plans for 2012, Solar Eclipse and Venus Transit  C.B. Devgun 35+10mn   biography
11:30 Plans for SPACE Schools  Amit Verma 20+10mn   biography
12:00 Tea Break
12:15 Mapping and Planning Tools for Solar Eclipses - Pushing the Boundaries
 Xavier M. Jubier 35+10mn abstract biography
13:00 Eclipses and Transits in India: Historical Perspective  Nandivada Rathnasree 35+10mn abstract biography
13:45 Group Photo
14:15 Lunch
15:00 Our Historic July 2010 E-Flight  Eric Brown 35+10mn abstract biography
15:45 Eclipses at the Limit: Low Totalities and Edgy Annularities  Daniel Fischer 35+10mn abstract biography
16:30 Tea Break
16:45 Observing Solar Eclipses in Space: a Dream that is Coming True  Hamid Djodeiri Khodashenas 35+10mn abstract biography
17:30 What Kind of Eclipse is This?  Ajay Talwar 35+10mn abstract biography
18:15 End of second day proceedings
Day 3: Saturday December 17th, 2011 (preparation for TSE, ASE and VT 2012)
Time Title Speaker Duration Abstract Biography
10:00 The Two Faces of Urania: Eclipse Weather Prospects for 2012 and 2013  Jay Anderson 35+10mn abstract biography
10:45 TSE 2012 Australia - The Local Perspective  Terry Cuttle & Joe Cali 50+10mn abstract biography
11:45 Tea Break
12:00 TSE 2012 Australia - Education Opportunities  Terry Cuttle 30mn abstract biography
12:30 Panel Discussion All speakers 45mn
13:15 Closing Session  SPACE 30mn
13:45 Lunch
17:00 Press Conference + Interaction   30mn
17:30 Cultural Evening and Award Ceremony, followed by Dinner and Cocktails
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The Rama Krishna Bajaj auditorium is located at the Vishwa Yuvak Kendra International Youth Center near the heart of New Delhi and Nehru Planetarium. It is also the embassy district. The auditorium has gardens all round to hold equipment demonstrations and observe the Sun. The auditorium is large enough to hold about 300 participants.

Address :
Rama Krishna Bajaj Auditorium
Vishwa Yuvak Kendra International Youth Center
Chanakyapuri, New Delhi - 110 021

Lat = 28° 37′ 22.6″ N
Long = 77° 11′ 28.8″ E
Elevation = 735 ft or 224 m

WZ-19, Asalatpur, A-3 Block
Janak Puri, New Delhi-110064, India
Contact numbers :
Offices +91 11-25522193
Fax +91 11-25532193
Contact : sec11.space@gmail.com
SPACE have already partnered with the upscale Radisson Blu New Delhi Paschim Vihar hotel for the stay of the participants at an attractive price of Rs 6,000 per night per room on twin sharing basis (Rs 3,000 per person or around USD 70/50 € per person). The rooms have twin queen size beds and high-speed Internet is included.

A second recommended option is to stay at the YMCA New Delhi. SPACE is in the process of partnering with them as well for special pricing for the participants (Rs 3,700 or about USD 70/50 € double occupancy and Rs 2,600 or USD 50/35 € single). Breakfast and dinner are included.
This lower end hotel was used by the speakers during SEW 2009 and is at walking distance from the 1724 Jantar Mantar ancient observatory.

A third option is to stay at the Vishwa Yuvak Kendra International Youth Center. 35 rooms and a 20-bed dormitory are available:
  • Single occupancy: Rs 2,600 or around USD 60/40 €
  • Double occupancy: Rs 2,600 per person or around USD 60/40 € per person
  • Triple occupancy: Rs 1,600 per person or around USD 40/25 € per person
  • 20-bed dormitory: Rs 10,000 or around USD 240/170 € for group booking
This regular accommodation is located at the conference venue.

A fourth option is to stay at the International Youth Hostel located at walking distance from the conference venue: Rs 700 per person or around USD 18/12 € per person.

You can also choose to stay at Bed & Breakfast in New Delhi.
Radisson Blu New Delhi Paschim Vihar Superior Room
Radisson Blu Paschim Vihar
YMCA New Delhi Deluxe Room
YMCA New Delhi
International Youth Hostel Room
International Youth Hostel
Please complete the registration form, then send the completed form, together with a copy of your deposit slip with your name clearly visible to sec11.space@gmail.com. Foreigners can use Paypal to pay for the registration. As soon as you receive a confirmation from SPACE, you are registered.
Note: for SEML members only the payment can also be made at the registration desk on the first day of the conference. However, please note that prior registration is still necessary to attend the conference.

Please read the complete registration details for more information.

For foreign delegates: a registration fee of USD 250 per participant that includes
  • Lunches over three days, tea and snacks twice a day
  • Cultural evening, valedictory dinner and cocktail
Pay using
Pay Using PayPal
USD 250.00 (Foreign National, i.e. non Indian)
For SEML members priority registration ends on October 10th, after which registration will be open for non-SEML and domestic participants.
Travel advisory: participants travelling to India from abroad should’t wait too long to get their visa. Foreign speakers should be able to ask for a tourism visa (much less expensive and the conference isn’t business related in any way). Of course those who join a TLE tour can easily apply for a tourism visa.

For Indian delegates: registration fees that include
  • Lunches over three days, tea and snacks twice a day
  • Cultural evening, valedictory dinner and cocktail
Respective fees:
  • For adults: Rs 4,000 per participant
  • For Indian school students: Rs 1,500 (age group 12 to 18 years)
  • For College school students: Rs 3,000 (please note that the students need to carry their valid ID cards of the institution they are studying at)
  • For Astronomicans: Rs 1,500 (Astronomicans, who are a member before 2011 August 31st)
  • For SPACE Club students and CSE member schools: Rs 1,000 (valid ID cards and endorsement from the school Principal required)

Payment can be made in Cash, Bank Draft or Cheque. Foreigners can use Paypal.

The payment can be electronically transferred to account number 60018861486 NEFT/RTGS code MAHB0001244

Indians can deposit the payment directly in any Bank of Maharashtra branch in the account mentioned above. You will be required to send SPACE a copy of the deposit slip along with the registration form.
Only BD or cheques in favour of SPACE payable in New Delhi are acceptable.

Note: for SEML members only the payment can be made at the registration desk on the first day of the conference. However, please note that prior registration is still necessary to attend the conference.

Please mention the registration category on the deposit slip and send the scanned copy of the deposit slip with your name clearly visible at sec11.space@gmail.com.

Registered participants can also take part in an exclusive eclipse photography exhibition.
Be a Diamond, Gold, Silver or Bronze Sponsor. If you wish to sponsor the conference, please contact SPACE. You can help with flights, stationary, logistics, etc.

Diamond Sponsor
(over USD 10,000)
Gold Sponsor
(from USD 2,000 to 10,000)
Silver Sponsor
(from USD 400 to 2,000)
Bronze Sponsor
(under USD 400)
Radisson Blu New Delhi Paschim Vihar hotel
YMCA New Delhi
Vishwa Yuvak Kendra International Youth Center
International Youth Hostel
Bed & Breakfast in New Delhi
SEC 2011 in New Delhi
Transportation in New Delhi
Poster Presentation
SPACE with Eclipse Chasers Athenæum for SEC India invites participants to present posters that will showcase their scientific work and experiments in eclipse science on an international platform.
Poster presentations can cover a range of topics related to eclipse and its science such as research, experiments, proposed studies, observations etc.
The format and rules of the Poster Presentation should be:
  • The area allotted for each poster display would be 2x3ft.
  • Please bring your completed material which can be pinned up on the stands. SPACE would provide stands for the posters. No stationary would be provided at the venue.
  • Poster must be in a ready to display single sheet format-already printed or consisting of smaller sheets/images pre-placed on the sheet.
Only a limited number of posters can be accommodated. The selection of the posters would be at the discretion of the organizers. Submission of poster title and abstract must be made to SPACE before 25th November 2011.
Eclipse Photography Exhibition
SPACE with Eclipse Chasers Athenæum for SEC India invites participants to take part in a photography exhibition during the Solar Eclipse Conference. Eclipse Photography Exhibition can cover a range of topics related to eclipses such as observations, science, travel, history, art and aesthetics or any other topic.
The format and rules of the Photography Exhibition should be:
  • The photographs must be A3 size (297 mm by 420 mm).
  • Maximum number of 4 entries per participant will be permitted.
  • You would need to submit your own exhibition quality prints by a date that will be informed to you if selected. No soft copies will be entertained for the final display.
  • All photographs should be taken by the participants and should be certified by the teacher or the principal.
  • The photographs must have a valid caption.
  • All photos will become the property of SEC 2011 and SPACE (credit would be given to the photographer if used by SPACE).
  • Please do not watermark the photos.
You are requested to send us the soft copies (1024x768 at 72 pixel resolution) of the photographs by 25th November 2011 for approval. The selection of the photographs would be at the discretion of the organizers. Entries and queries must be addressed to SPACE.
2011 December 10 Total Lunar Eclipse Tour & Other Excursions
New Delhi Sightseeing:
Local Delhi sightseeing onboard the DTTDC "Ho-Ho" bus service can be arranged for the delegates who are interested, on the day before the conference starts or after the conference, whichever is chosen by the delegates. A map of the bus tour will show you the various monuments visited. The conference venue is located near marker #17.

Jantar Mantar Ancient Observatory (December 10):
Eclipse chasing enthusiasts can observe the transcending phases of the total lunar eclipse from the Jantar Mantar or from any other historic monument in Delhi. All permissions would be taken by SPACE prior to this celestial event.

Agra and Jaipur:
Trips to Agra and the Taj Mahal, or Jaipur are also being planned and a special package might be offered by the organizers in partnership with DTTDC and RTDC. The delegates who are willing to take this option are advised to keep three more days for these trips. If interested please let SPACE know by September 25th latest.

TLE from the Himalaya’s foothills (December 9-14):
A limited-availability 5-day tour is available to observe the Total Lunar Eclipse Tour on December 10th from a dark-sky location close to the Himalayas where the Moon will rise at sunset over the 7,816-meter Nanda Devi peak 80 kilometers away. Astronomy equipment will be available and installed on a terrace having a magnificent view over the Himalayan snow-capped peaks (pictures on the right).

The itinerary of the tour, organized by Aperture Telescopes, will let you visit the Katarmal Sun Temple, Binsar Bird Sanctuary and Corbett National Park where you can enjoy a safari (game drive). Following an agreement between all the tour particpants we will now stay the night of the 13th in Agra and visit the Taj Mahal on the 14th morning before returning to Delhi.

Please contact me soonest if you are interested by this special TLE journey. Booking and payment must be completed by October 9th.
Pay using
Pay Using PayPal
INR 35,500 (USD 760) per person double occupancy
1st installment 2nd installment
INR 71,000 (USD 1520) for two in double occupancy
1st installment 2nd installment 3rd installment 4th installment
INR 43,000 (USD 920) single occupancy
1st installment 2nd installment
PayPal payment are made in US Dollar.
Attention: Since March 2011 the Reserve Bank of India has put a cap of USD 500.00 on all transactions and unfortunately PayPal had to comply. All this means the payment must be made in multiple installments of up to USD 500.00. Sorry for the inconvenience!
Jantar Mantar New Delhi Taj Mahal Agra Sunset

SEC 2011 TLE 2011 December 10 Ranikhet Himalaya Nanda Devi
SPACE SEC 2011 New Delhi Summary
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