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 Total Solar Eclipse of 2012 November 14
 in Australia

The point of greatest eclipse (totality phase during 4 min 2 sec) lies in the middle of the Pacific Ocean south of French Polynesia. A couple of cruise ships will in the vicinity, but they’ll get only a little more than three minutes of totality; one TSE flight will get a bit more. To observe the 2012 November 13 total solar eclipse, November 14 one hour after sunrise in Australia, I went to Trinity Beach, north of Cairns in Australia, where I joined my friends of the IAP (Institut d’Astrophysique de Paris), the MSFC (NASA Marshall Space Flight Center) and the IfA (Institute for Astronomy, University of Hawaii) but also the team of Miloslav Druckmüller. A scientific symposium was held in Palm Cove from November 12 to 16.

You can use this solar eclipse calculator to compute the local circumstances of the eclipse, and the solar eclipse timer notifies the beginning of the various events. A time exposure calculator is there to help you choose your camera settings.

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Viewing Sites —>  Trinity Beach |  Outer Reef |  Private Jet

An eclipse flight is the perfect contingency plan for this total solar eclipse. In the hours leading to the eclipse mobility will be a problem in the whole area around Cairns for various reasons: totality occurs only one hour after sunrise, there is only one road along the coast and getting inland isn’t going to be any easier if done during the night before the eclipse.
However having access to a private jet would allow to intercept the shadow over the Coral Sea at a location a few hundred kilometers from Cairns. The E-Flight module of my Solar Eclipse Maestro application can help plan and execute such a flight at the last minute.

Eclipse Flight Total Solar Eclipse 2012 Cairns Australia
Sample eclipse flight to intercept the umbral shadow cone starting from Cairns in Australia

Viewing Sites —>  Trinity Beach |  Outer Reef |  Private Jet
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