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The Google Earth (available for MacOS X, Windows and Linux) files, will draw the solar and lunar eclipses maps and display their local circumstances. For solar eclipses the paths and outline curves across Earth’s surface will be drawn. And for lunar eclipses only the limit curves showing the visibility area are included. Each file containing all the eclipses over a 20-year span was made using my Five Millennium Canon of Solar Eclipses and Five Millennium Canon of Lunar Eclipses databases. These two web-enabled tools will give you access to the 11,898 solar eclipses and 12,064 lunar eclipses over the -1999 to +3000 period.

For total, annular and hybrid solar eclipses, the northern and southern umbra limits are plotted in pink while the central line is blue. The northern and southern penumbra limits, when they exist, are drawn in green; the maximum on horizon curve is also in green and the sunrise/sunset curve is in orange.
For total, partial and penumbral lunar eclipses, the penumbra and umbra limits are plotted in green, yellow and red.
By clicking on the framed cross-hair cursor Google Earth Framed Cross-hair Eclipse Cursor, always located at the center of the view, you will obtain the local circumstances at that location (have a look at this sample).

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Solar Eclipses

Contemporary Eclipses

44 eclipses : 1961—1980 Google Earth File (1.7 MB)
45 eclipses : 1981—2000 Google Earth File (1.7 MB)
44 eclipses : 2001—2020 Google Earth File (1.7 MB)
44 eclipses : 2021—2040 Google Earth File (1.7 MB)
45 eclipses : 2041—2060 Google Earth File (1.7 MB)
45 eclipses : 2061—2080 Google Earth File (1.7 MB)
46 eclipses : 2081—2100 Google Earth File (1.7 MB)

World Atlas of Solar Eclipse Paths (Fred Espenak, NASA/GFSC)
1961-1980 1981-2000 2001-2020 2021-2040 2041-2060 2061-2080 2081-2100

Google Earth screenshot showing the track
of the March 2006 total solar eclipse.
Google Earth Eclipse Sun
Initial view once you have done a "File -> Open".

Other Eclipses

47 eclipses : 1901—1920 Google Earth File (1.7 MB)
47 eclipses : 1921—1940 Google Earth File (1.7 MB)
45 eclipses : 1941—1960 Google Earth File (1.7 MB)

TSE 2006 southeast of Waw an Namus, Libya : 2006 March 29 Google Earth File (1.9 MB)

30 eclipses (total & annular) in Paris, France : -1999—3000 Google Earth File (1.4 MB)

Five Millennium Canon of Solar Eclipses

Historical Eclipses

Available soon...

Lunar Eclipses

Contemporary Eclipses

46 eclipses : 1961—1980 Google Earth File (560 KB)
45 eclipses : 1981—2000 Google Earth File (564 KB)
47 eclipses : 2001—2020 Google Earth File (576 KB)
45 eclipses : 2021—2040 Google Earth File (568 KB)
45 eclipses : 2041—2060 Google Earth File (552 KB)
45 eclipses : 2061—2080 Google Earth File (572 KB)
46 eclipses : 2081—2100 Google Earth File (548 KB)

Five Millennium Canon of Lunar Eclipses

Google Earth screenshot showing the limits and detailed local
circumstances bubble of the August 2007 total lunar eclipse.
Google Earth Eclipse Moon
Initial view once you have done a "File -> Open".


"Solar Eclipses" |  "Lunar Eclipses"

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