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China Flag Lake Karakul & Muztagh Ata Peak (Xinjiang province), China

Before the 2008 August 1st total solar eclipse there are opportunities to visit the 7,546 meters high impressive Muztagh Ata peak base camp and then do some climbing for the most adventurous.

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Ghez River Gorge Karakoram Highway
Ghez river gorge
along the Karakoram Highway

Sheep Karakoram Highway
Sheeps on the Karakoram Highway

Tajik Children Lake Karakul
Tajik children at lake Karakul

Restaurant Yurt Subashi
Restaurant yurt in Subashi

Sunrise Lake Karakul
at lake Karakul (3,600 m)

Lake Karakul Muztagh Ata Peak
Lake Karakul (3,600 m) and
Muztagh Ata peak (7,456 m)

Idala Hike Muztagh Ata
Start of the hike (3,700 m)
to the Muztagh Ata base camp

Camel Ride Muztagh Ata
Camel ride
to the Muztagh Ata base camp

Way Muztagh Ata
On the way (4,000 m)
to the Muztagh Ata base camp

Looking Down Muztagh Ata Base Camp
Looking down (5,000 m)
at Muztagh Ata base camp (4,450 m)

Down Muztagh Ata Camp 1
Coming down
from Muztagh Ata Camp 1 (5,400 m)

Jumbulak Glacier
Jumbulak glacier
from above base camp

View Muztagh Ata Summit
View of the Muztagh Ata summit

Muztagh Ata Ascent Snow Shoe
Muztagh Ata ascent
with snow shoes above Camp I

Muztagh Ata Summit View
View from the Muztagh Ata summit
at 7,456 m

Muztagh Ata Summit View
View from the Muztagh Ata summit
at 7,456 m

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