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 Total Solar Eclipse of 2015 March 20
 in Svalbard, the Faroe Islands or the Arctic

The point of greatest eclipse (totality phase during 2 min 46 sec) was located in the middle of the North Atlantic Ocean east of Iceland and northwest of the Faroe Islands. As weather prospects weren’t that great for the few ground-based locations, seeing it from the stratosphere was tantalizing. Svalbard was the second choice as there are quite a few clear days at that time of the year, and the fact is the sky was indeed clear on eclipse day. The Faroe Islands were the third choice as the weather there changes very quickly which is why some saw it and others didn’t.
To observe the 2015 March 20 total solar eclipse, I was offering very special eclipse flights at the edge of the stratosphere (see the similar flight executed in November 2013) in partnership with AmJet Executive and Dassault Falcon Service, but also tours in Svalbard (Norway) and at the North Pole. The Faroe Islands were another option but the weather prospects weren’t that great with a strong variability.
The expedition to the North Pole for a very limited number of participants is in the planning phase. This last trip will be very expensive, but will provide an unforgettable and rewarding experience during the spring equinox with the black Sun barely over the frozen horizon.

You can use this solar eclipse calculator to compute the local circumstances of the eclipse, and the solar eclipse timer notifies the beginning of the various events. A time exposure calculator is there to help you choose your camera settings.

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Tours (very limited space)
Stratospheric Eclipse Flight :
North Atlantic
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Norway :
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Arctic Expedition :
North Pole
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Total Solar Eclipse 2015 Totality Prominence Corona Faroe Island Constantinos Emmanouilidis
Prominences and lower solar corona through the clouds by Constantinos Emmanouilidis

Total Solar Eclipse 2015 Post Stamp Faroe Island
Post stamps created specially for the solar eclipse

Total Solar Eclipse 2015 Aurora Tórshavn Faroe Island Constantinos Emmanouilidis
Aurora in Tórshavn by Constantinos Emmanouilidis

Prediction Aurora Europe
Current prediction over Europe (updated every 15 minutes)

Sky Aurora Europe
Current sky over Europe (updated every 15 minutes)

Total Eclipse 2015 Map Totality Duration Faroe Island

If the weather conditions are too bad on the ground, then viewing the eclipse in-flight from an aircraft was an option worth considering.

Use of this simulation is strictly forbidden without a written approval. All commercial uses are subject to a fee for every planned flight.

The Faroe islands are getting ready for the eclipse:
Sí kort: So leingi verður sólarmyrking har tú býrt
Hevur upplivað átta fullar sólarmyrkingar

Eclipse 2015 Beer Faroe Island
Beer brewed for the 2015 total solar eclipse in the Faroe Islands

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