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Cerro Armazones is a mountain located in the Sierra Vicuña Mackenna of the Chilean Coast Range, approximately 130 kilometers (81 miles) south-east of Antofagasta, Chile. It is located in a privileged zone for optical astronomy because it has 89% cloudless nights a year.
On 26 April 2010, the European Southern Observatory Council selected Cerro Armazones as the site for the planned European Extremely Large Telescope (E-ELT). The mountain top was blown away on 2014 June 19, marking the start of the construction work. The E-ELT will be the largest optical/near-infrared telescope in the world: the world’s biggest eye on the sky. The 39-meter primary mirror stretches over almost half the length of a soccer field. More… Nearly two years later the private road leading to the summit of Cerro Armazones has been completed on the concession land offered by Chile.

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Cerro Armazones Road Sign
Cerro Armazones road sign

Cerro Armazones E-ELT Cerro Paranal VLT
Cerro Armazones (E-ELT)
from Cerro Paranal (VLT)

Construction Work Base Cerro Armazones
Construction work
at the base of the Cerro Armazones

4WD Base Cerro Armazones
4WD at the base of
Cerro Armazones

Surveyor Worker Cerro Paranal
Surveyor worker
with Cerro Paranal

Pick-up Truck Cerro Paranal
Pick-up truck with Cerro Paranal
in the background

Building Site Base Cerro Armazones
Building site
at the base of Cerro Armazones

Hexapod-Telescope (HPT) Armazones Sub-summit
Hexapod-Telescope (HPT)
on an Armazones sub-summit

4WD Cerro Armazones Locked Gate
4WD on Cerro Armazones
at the locked gate

4WD Top Cerro Armazones
4WD on top of the Cerro Armazones
(Cerro Paranal in the background)

GPS Top Cerro Armazones
GPS on top of the Cerro Armazones

4WD Top Cerro Armazones
4WD on top of the Cerro Armazones
(Cerro Paranal in the background)

Hexapod-Telescope (HPT) Armazones Summit
Hexapod-Telescope (HPT)
from Armazones summit

Bird Eye View Cerro Armazones Summit
Bird’s eye view
from the Cerro Armazones summit

Instrument Summit Cerro Armazones
Instruments on the summit
of the Cerro Armazones

Wide Angle View West Cerro Armazones
Wide angle view towards the west
from the Cerro Armazones

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