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Libyan Flag Libya ليبيا (Great Libyan Jamahiriya)

Southern Libya is partly made of serirs (plateau strewed with small stones). A lengthy volcanic range streaks Libya, from the Tibesti Mountains to the south, to the basaltic flows of Tarhuna in the Tripolitan province, going through the black Al Haruj al Aswad and the djebel As Sawda.

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4WD Al Katrun
4WD near Al Katrun

Campsite for the night

Outside sleeping

Northern Chad
Northern Chad in the background

Northern Chad Lake
Dried lake in northern Chad

Serir Tibesti
Serir Tibesti

Mechanical repairs on the 4WD

Camels Skeletons
Camels skeletons

Fossilized Tree
Fossilized tree trunk

Tuareg Jewels
Tuareg jewels


Road Distances
Road distance indications

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