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In order to be ready for the total solar eclipse of Friday 2008 August 1st (totality phase during 2 min 27 sec), an initial inspection visit in the Altai Republic was mandatory. This page briefly describes the first inspection of an "Eclipse-City" viewing site. To optimize the weather, two other viewing sites at the edge of the Gobi desert, in China and Mongolia, will also be scouted during the summer 2006.
The viewing site selection in the south of the Altai Republic, not far from Mongolia, was conducted with three main goals: get the best weather possible with a maximum eclipse duration in a splendid surroundings where few people can go.

The Altai eclipse tour is unavailable, but you can still book the short Novosibirsk package (limited space available so register soon) or the tours in China.

You can use this solar eclipse calculator to compute the local circumstances of the eclipse, and the solar eclipse timer notifies the beginning of the various events. A time exposure calculator is there to help you choose your camera settings.

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Altai Eclipse 2008
Altai eclipse from space

Eclipse 2008
Eclipse circumstances
(Fred Espenak, NASA/GSFC)

Eclipse 2008 July Cloud Cover
Cloud cover in July
(courtesy of Jay Anderson)

Eclipse 2008 August Cloud Cover
Cloud cover in August
(courtesy of Jay Anderson)

Eclipse 2008 Cloud Cover Centerline
Average August cloudiness graph
in percent along the eclipse centerline
(courtesy of Jay Anderson)

Eclipse 2008 Cloud Amount
Average August cloud amount
in percent
(courtesy of Jay Anderson)

Eclipse 2008 Cloud Amount Higher Resolution
Average August cloud amount
in percent at higher resolution
(courtesy of Jay Anderson)

Eclipse 2008 Viewing Site
Eclipse viewing site

Total Eclipse 2008 Animation
Eclipse animation

Eclipse 2008 Sky
Eclipse sky preview

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