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You have reached one of the most exciting travel companies in the world.
Let yourself find out why watching the sun mating the moon is one of the most exciting and unforgettable experiences in your lifetime and why traveling with Eclipse-City may become as addictive to you as to many others before.
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2008 Total Eclipse Tours

Kazakh Eclipse-City Camp China’s Ancient Silk Road
(from 9 to 11 days, starting € 1,990 p.p.)

Experience unforgettable highlights, such as the view of crystal clear lakes and ancient caves with Buddhist paintings. And of course, enjoy more than 2 minutes of totality in our specially built camp in the Gobi Desert.

Detailed Itinerary & Booking ]
China Great Wall China’s Great Wall
(9-day program from Beijing, € 2,490 p.p.)

Starting in Beijing, continuing to Xian and Dunhuang and ending on China’s Great Wall West Front in Jiayuguan. This program will take you through four magic Chinese Provinces.

Detailed Itinerary & Booking ]
China Jiayuguan Great Wall Jiayuguan in China
(72-hour from Frankfurt or L.A., € 1,790 p.p.)

Our journey will begin in Frankfurt (GER) or Los Angeles (USA) and will take you to China’s Great Wall West Front, in Jiayuguan, the Gateway into the Ancient Chinese Empire, in the middle of the Gobi Desert.

Detailed Itinerary & Booking ]
Russia Novosibirsk Opera Novosibirsk in Russia
(36-hour program from Frankfurt, € 1,290 p.p.)

We will tour you through Novosibirsk and head for our specially built Eclipse-City Day Camp just one hour away from Novosibirsk. Enjoy 2 minutes and 20 seconds of totality!

Detailed Itinerary & Booking ]
Scientific Loyemo Gobi Scientific Experiments and Astronomy
(8 or 10 days, starting at € 1,990 p.p.)

Spend up to six days at our Gobi Desert eclipse camp to setup your equipment and do some sightseeing. Electricity and Internet access will be available at the camp, liquid nitrogen or any other requirements will be quoted separately. More than 2 minutes of totality is waiting for you.

Detailed Itinerary & Booking ]
SPSE 2008 Loyemo Gobi International Symposium on Solar Physics and Solar Eclipses (SPSE 2008) and Scientific Experiments
(4 and 8-day packages)

Starting in Urümqi, Beijing or Shanghai and going straight to Barkol and Eclipse-City’s premium eclipse site. This program, endorsed by the Chinese Academy of Sciences and Ministry of Tourism, will let you participate at the Symposium and at the same time get ready for your solar experiments.

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Eclipse August Average Cloudiness Graph Centerline
Average August cloudiness graph
in percent along the eclipse centerline
(courtesy of Jay Anderson)

"Eclipse-City — China & Russia 2008" promotional movie clip
(1.5 MB, 1 min — Flash Player required)

Eclipse 2008 Cloud Amount Higher Resolution
Average August cloud amount
in percent at higher resolution
(courtesy of Jay Anderson)

2009 Total Eclipse Tours

2009 Total Solar Eclipse

2010 Total Eclipse Tours

2010 Total Solar Eclipse

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Eclipse-City offers personalized services to our clients. We are a small specialized travel company handling each person as an individual and speak fluently English, German, French and Spanish. Our growing number of repeat clients testifies to the confidence and respect we have developed among experienced travelers.
Our solar eclipse-related tours are usually in partnership with the international scientific community. This relationship plus the fact that we always do scouting trips well in advance allow us to offer you the very best tours available.

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