After our successful annular solar eclipse observation in Antarctica and total solar eclipse in China, we are now getting ready for next year total...

Xavier Jubier
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2009 July 22nd Total Solar Eclipse
Tours from 1 to 15 days - Space available !

You can now make a reservation for our China, Japan and Marshall Islands tours.

Join NASA, the University of Hawaii Institute for Astronomy and EurAstro on our special tours for scientific experiments and for those wishing to spend a few days at the eclipse viewing site. Learn more

2008 August 1st Total Solar Eclipse
July-August 2008 - Gobi desert, China

A short report of the eclipse in China is now available.

2008 February 7 Annular Solar Eclipse
January-February 2008 - Mount Vinson in Ellsworth Land, Antarctica

Following the Dronning Maud Land November 2003 successful journey to observe the first total solar eclipse in mankind from Antarctica a successful attempt was made for last February’s annular from Antarctica’s highest peak.

A short report of the two-man and 3-week expedition is now available.

Five Millennium of Solar & Lunar Eclipses Database
December 2008 - Live

Back in February 2007 my web-enabled tool based on Fred Espenak and Jean Meeus Five Millennium Canon of Solar Eclipses (2000 BCE to 3000 CE) was released. As of June 2007 the same tool was also available for lunar eclipses. Now you can also create a Google Earth umbral shadow animation.
With this tool you can display in realtime the elements of nearly 12,000 solar eclipses and over 12,000 lunar eclipses, and at the same time create interactive maps or compute the local circumstances... Learn more

New Eclipse-City Website
November 2008 - Live

Eclipse-City introduces a new and more friendly website layout for the total solar eclipse 2009 tours.

Learn more

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