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 Total Lunar Eclipse of 2015 September 28
 in Namibia, Chile, Canary Islands (Spain),
 France or USA

Weather wise the Namib desert was the best location to observe this total lunar eclipse from as the chances of clear skies were very high. Otherwise the Canary Islands were an excellent second choice; moreover the Astrofest La Palma did occur during that time (during the September 29th-October 2nd International Nightscape Conference I gave a talk titled "Eclipses for Astrophotograhers"). Neverthless since the eclipse was visible from France where the sky was in the end clear and there was an opportunity to have the ISS pass briefly (0.8 to 3 seconds) in front of the Moon during the eclipse (please refer to the special map) one may have decided not to travel.
With my Lunar Eclipse Maestro software, you can know much more about each lunar eclipses and control your digital cameras to automate the photography part in order to fully enjoy the eclipse visually.

The next total lunar eclipse will occur on 2018 January 31st and my viewing site will likely be located in Oman to optimize the weather conditions.

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Lunar Eclipse Map 2015
Eclipse visibility map

Lunar Eclipse Diagram 2015
Total Lunar Eclipse diagram

Mean Afternoon Cloud Cover September
(courtesy of Jay Anderson)

Two ISS passes occured during the lunar eclipse: the second pass was just southwest of Paris and the latest weather forecast were favorable.

Two ISS Pass Total Lunar Eclipse September 2015
Sample from the Relais de Monfort along the RN20 road at 04:07:29.6 UTC (06:07:29.6 local time) during about 1.7 second at the time of the second partial phase of the lunar eclipse; time will vary depending on location.
(ISS pass plotted using data from John Irwin, September 23rd; predictions had to be considered provisional as the ISS orbit may have been adjusted)

And now the results in a video shot by Thierry Legault from Rambouillet to the southwest of Paris, France.

First lunar eclipse ever photographed from Rambouillet, France, with a transit of the ISS at 04:07:26 UTC (06:07:26 local time)
[for the proper orientation the image should be flipped vertically]

At the TWAN International Nightscape Conference (September 29th-October 2nd) in Santa Cruz de la Palma I gave a talk titled "Eclipses for Astrophotograhers".

TWAN International Nightscape Conference September-October 2015
Astrofest La Palma September-October 2015
One can see myself, on the right pointing at the starry sky, during the first Astromaster on La Palma island in September 2013

Speaker 2015 International Nightscape Conference
Speaker 2015 International Nightscape Conference
Speaker 2015 International Nightscape Conference
Speakers during the 2015 International Nightscape Conference

Field guide to the Total Lunar Eclipse of September 27-28 by Michael Zeiler

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