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 Total Lunar Eclipse of 2015 April 4
 in the United States of America, Australia or Indonesia

The US Southwest or Hawaii are the two best locations to observe this very short total lunar eclipse from as the chances of clear skies are good. Then we have Australia, but in the end I was invited by the Indonesian Tourism Ministry to the northern Maluku in Indonesia to scout a few locations for the March 2016 total solar eclipse.
With my Lunar Eclipse Maestro software, you can know much more about each lunar eclipses and control your digital cameras to automate the photography part in order to fully enjoy the eclipse visually.

The next total lunar eclipse will occur on 2015 September 28 and my viewing site will likely be located in France or rather in Namibia to optimize the weather conditions.

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Lunar Eclipse Map 2015
Eclipse visibility map

Lunar Eclipse Diagram 2015
Total Lunar Eclipse diagram

Total Lunar Eclipse April 2015
Total lunar eclipse at 11:53 UTC from Sofifi (Halmahera island in Indonesia)
[a thin layer of clouds was slightly masking the Moon]
Many observers described the lunar eclipse as never being completely total. On my side, I would just say that there was always a blue tint at the edge of the Moon’s North Pole.

Mean Afternoon Cloud Cover April
(courtesy of Jay Anderson)

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