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 Solar Eclipse Conference 2018 (SEC 2018)

A Crossroad on Physics & Eclipses of the Sun & Public Outreach

The Solar Eclipse Mailing List (SEML) and before the Solar Eclipse Newsletter (SENL) had been successful as a vehicle in bringing together solar eclipse enthusiasts, professionals and amateurs alike.
In October 2000, the first Solar Eclipse Conference in Antwerp (SEC 2000), Belgium, was for sure a success. In two days over 35 lectures had been presented to 155 participants from 22 different countries. The Solar Eclipse Conference is repeated at non-central eclipse years.
The second international Solar Eclipse Conference of 2004 (SEC 2004) was held in August 2004 at the Open University of Milton Keynes, England. SEC 2004 had 115 delegates out of 20 different countries.
The third international Solar Eclipse Conference (SEC 2007) was held in August 2007 at the renovated Griffith Observatory in Los Angeles, USA. The 200 attendees had the opportunity to observe a total lunar eclipse on August 28.
The fourth international Solar Eclipse Conference (SEC 2011), organized by SPACE, was held in December 2011 in New Delhi, India. The delegates had the opportunity to observe the December 10 total lunar eclipse.

To help organize the next conference in 2018, you will certainly be asked to take part in a SEC survey similar to the one done before the SEC 2011. With your help we will make the next edition an unforgettable one!!!

Right now a few proposals (formal and informal) for 2018 have emerged:

The proposal of the Suceava University could then become the European Solar Elipse Conference and SPACE could organize the Asian one. Plans to reach out to our Japanese friends will be studied as well.

SEC 2011 New Delhi

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