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 Total Lunar Eclipse of 2014 April 14-15
 in Chile

The Atacama desert is one of the best location to observe this total lunar eclipse from. The Atacama has a lot to offer from its dark and clear sky to the major observatories and the mineral landscape, which is why I’ll be there. In certain areas, Hawaii for example, part of the eclipse will occur on April 14th at the beginning of the night before unwinding on April 15th.
With my Lunar Eclipse Maestro software, you can know much more about each lunar eclipses and control your digital cameras to automate the photography part in order to fully enjoy the eclipse visually.

The following total lunar eclipse occurred on 2014 October 8 and I was located in the US Southwest to optimize the weather conditions.

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Lunar Eclipse April 2014 Viewing Site
Total lunar eclipse potential viewing site
from Laguna Cejar in Chile

Lunar Eclipse Map April 2014
Eclipse visibility map

Lunar Eclipse Diagram April 2014
Total Lunar Eclipse diagram

Field guide to the Total Lunar Eclipse of April 14-15 by Michael Zeiler

Lunar Eclipse April 2014 Viewing Site San Pedro Atacama
Viewing site outside of San Pedro de Atacama (from left to right: Licancabur, Juriques, Toco and El Chascón volcanoes)

Lunar Eclipse April 2014 Totality San Pedro Atacama
Totality at 07:40 UTC outside of San Pedro de Atacama (the blue star Spica is on the left side of the picture, just under the Moon)

Lunar Eclipse April 2014 San Pedro Atacama
Starry sky during totality at 08:12 UTC, Spica on the left below the Moon and Mars farther down on the right (roof of the house visible at the bottom)

Mean Afternoon Cloud Cover April
(courtesy of Jay Anderson)

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