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Credits & Acknowledgments

I want to thank all the people that supported or helped me, in the same way as the authors of various books and publications I used to create the Lunar Eclipse Maestro application.
Lunar Eclipse Maestro uses third-party materials:

A big thanks to all the beta-testers for the time spent and their suggestions.

The philosophy behind Lunar Eclipse Maestro is to encourage useful observations of lunar eclipses, thereby increasing our knowledge of the world around us. Accordingly, users are free to disseminate predictions or results generated by Lunar Eclipse Maestro in a non-commercial manner and all I ask is that there is an acknowledgement that the data was generated by Lunar Eclipse Maestro.
In circumstances where there is a desire to include Lunar Eclipse Maestro predictions or results in a commercial publication, you may do so provided that the use of Lunar Eclipse Maestro is clearly acknowledged.
Where the success of a commercial publication is likely to be dependent upon the output from Lunar Eclipse Maestro, you do not have automatic permission to include Lunar Eclipse Maestro outputs in that publication. You will need to contact me and seek written permission.
Where the output of Lunar Eclipse Maestro is displayed on Google Earth, Google Sky or Google Maps, you will also need to comply with any copyright issues associated with those products.
For the record, I reserve all rights to the source code and any decompilation thereof.