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2008 August 1st
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Kazakh Eclipse-City Camp China’s Ancient Silk Road
(9 to 11-day tours starting at € 1,990 p.p.)

Experience unforgettable highlights, such as the view of crystal clear lakes and ancient caves with Buddhist paintings. And of course, enjoy more than 2 minutes of totality in our specially built camp in the Gobi Desert.
China Great Wall China’s Great Wall
(9-day tour from Beijing, € 2,490 p.p.)

Starting in Beijing, continuing to Xian and Dunhuang and ending on China’s Great Wall West Front in Jiayuguan. This journey will take you through four magic Chinese Provinces.
China Great Wall Jiayuguan Pass China’s Jiayuguan Pass
(72-hour journey from Frankfurt or L.A., € 1,790 p.p.)

Our journey will begin in Frankfurt (GER) or Los Angeles (USA) and will take you to China’s Great Wall Jiayuguan Pass, the Gateway into the Ancient Chinese Empire, in the middle of the Gobi Desert.
Russia Novosibirsk Opera Novosibirsk in Russia
(36-hour journey from Frankfurt, € 1,290 p.p., 1,590 € p.p. after 2008 April 15)

We will tour you through Novosibirsk and head for our specially built Eclipse-City Day Camp just one hour away from Novosibirsk. Enjoy 2 minutes and 20 seconds of totality!

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Eclipse-City offers personalized services to our clients. We are a small specialized travel company handling each person as an individual and speak fluently English, German, French and Spanish. Our growing number of repeat clients testifies to the confidence and respect we have developed among experienced travelers.
Our solar eclipse-related tours are usually in partnership with the international scientific community. This relationship plus the fact that we always do scouting trips well in advance allow us to offer you the very best tours available.

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