Eclipse Tour #4 : 36 hours with Eclipse-City in Siberia
Our fourth 2008 eclipse program will take you to Novosibirsk in Russia and is intended for travelers with limited budget or time constraints.
Our journey will begin in Frankfurt (Germany). You will board one of our chartered Eclipse Clippers and fly directly into Novosibirsk, Russia’s third largest city and the largest city in Siberia, right on the eclipse centerline.
When arriving into Novosibirsk, we will tour you through Novosibirsk and head for our specially built Eclipse-City Day Camp. The location is stunning and only there for us. 2 minutes and 20 seconds of totality at our specially built day camp ashore Novosibirskoje Vodochranilsce, just one hour away from Novosibirsk. After the eclipse, we will head back to the city centre to celebrate with a Gala Dinner and Performance at Novosibirsk’s Opera house.
You will be accompanied by our multilingual staff, international astronomy experts, and of course, bilingual local guides.
The day after the E-Day, we will fly you back. Your 36 hours with Eclipse-City in Siberia will remain like a dream.


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Program 4 : 36 hours with Eclipse-City in Siberia from Frankfurt (Germany)
Thursday 31st - Saturday August 2nd 2008
1,290 € p.p., 1.590 € p.p. after 2008 April 15
Day 1: Thursday, July 31st 2008 - The Adventure Begins
Our departure is from Frankfurt (Germany), where we will leave on Thursday July 31st 2008 late afternoon on our special Eclipse Clipper, non-stop flight to Novosibirsk. We will arrive at Novosibirsk Airport on Friday August 1st, early in the morning.

Day 2: Friday, August 1st 2008 - Eclipse Day : 2 Minutes and 20 Seconds of Totality
Novosibirsk, formerly Novonikolayevsk after Tsar Nicholas II, is the capital of the Novosibirsk Oblast, in southern Siberia Russia, located on the Ob’ River.
Just one hour’s drive from the city centre, on an enclave ashore the lake, we found our magic place. At the Eclipse-City Day camp, you will have it all : sufficient space, quietness and unpolluted air.
Now you want to find your own spot. There is ample of space at Eclipse-City grounds ashore the lake. Enjoy 2 Minutes and 20 Seconds of totality with reasonably good weather prospects.
Back in Novosibirsk we will get ready for our Eclipse Gala Dinner and Show at the Novosibirsk Opera House.
A delicious, varied and beautifully arranged Gala Buffet will be awaiting you at Novosibirsk Opera.
For those not assisting to the show, we shall have astronomical lectures and a light dinner for you.

Day 3: Saturday, August 2nd 2008 - Farewell
After the show (or alternative dinner-lecture) is over, we will proceed to the airport and fly back to Frankfurt. You will arrive early morning at Frankfurt International Airport, where you may connect to your home destinations. 36 hours of pure excitement will remain in your dreams.

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