Solar Eclipse Maestro 1.7.4 for MacOS X released

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Solar Eclipse Maestro 1.7.4 for MacOS X released

Postby xjubier » Sun Nov 13, 2011 3:04 pm

Solar Eclipse Maestro 1.7.4 is now available for download.

This release fixes all the reported bugs since the previous version and many more; under the hood improvements were made as well.

Users of all the previous releases are strongly encouraged to upgrade to this version.
You will be able to enjoy new features and bug fixes as well as eclipses even more without worrying about operating your digital cameras. Support for previous versions is terminated as of this day. Browse the ReadMe file to know more.
Please report soonest any problem you may encounter.

Here is a short list of the latest improvements and bugfixes:
- Improved Lion compatibility
- Minor fixes on the umbral shadow display
- Added an indicator showing which horizon (astronomical or apparent) is the reference on the Sun-Moon diagram
- Fixed a crash occurring sometimes when quitting the application
- Updated the weather predictions (world, regional and local) to use 7Timer version 4 (GFS model)
- Observer’s elevation is better taken into account to compute the sunrise/sunset times when using the apparent horizon
- Fix for events under the horizon that were sometimes not correctly referenced
- Improved E-Flight module used to plan and execute flights to intercept the umbral shadow cone
- Minor user interface tweaks
- Miscellaneous bug fixes and enhancements

Please direct comments, questions, or problems to me on the support board:
To post you will need to register first, but you'll also benefit from the experience of others to find answers to your questions or problems. Please try to post in English in order to have a larger audience. I will generally answer in English to messages in French, Italian, German or Spanish, unless you clearly specify otherwise.

PS: access to the E-Flight module is strictly restricted and by invitation only
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