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E-Flight Module Access

The use of the "E-Flight" module is strictly restricted and access is by invitation only. Proper authorization must be obtained in written from Xavier M. Jubier. Any unauthorized use is to be prosecuted and the user or those that benefited from this unauthorized use shall be liable.
Once you have unlocked the E-Flight module with the provided instruction and identifiers, you’ll just have to open Solar Eclipse Maestro’s E-Flight Intercept Manager dialog.

  1. Choose Help > Unlock E-Flight Module…
  2. Now you have to enter the provided case-sensitive identifiers, with the possible spaces, and unlock code. Be aware that an active Internet connection is necessary to proceed.
    E-Flight Module Access Dialog
  3. The Unlock button should be activated once all the required information has been provided. A click on the button will check the validity of the data before initiating a connection to the validation server which will activate your access. If all goes well, the following alert will be displayed:
    E-Flight Access Granted Alert
  4. Once unlocked you must quit Solar Eclipse Maestro. Then relaunch the application and you should have access to the E-Flight menu.
  5. The E-Flight module can be locked again by selecting the Lock E-Flight Module item in the Help menu.