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Setting the Observer’s Location

To set the photographer’s location in Solar Eclipse Maestro you have to open the Photographer Location dialog.

  1. Choose Observer > Location…
  2. Fill in the required fields.
    Observer Location Dialog
  3. When a GPS unit is connected to the Mac, you can transfer the coordinates and elevation given by the device using the Copy Coordinates and Copy Elevation buttons. Otherwise the GPS related fields are empty and the transfer buttons deactivated.
    All Garmin USB GPS units using the proprietary Garmin PVT protocol (untested with serial devices using a serial to USB converter) are supported.
  4. The Get Elv. button can let you retrieve the elevation information from the Internet.
  5. The Timezone Lookup button can let you retrieve the timezone information from the Internet.

You can also add locations to the list, or restore and delete multiple locations from the list.

With Solar Eclipse Maestro Pro, you can enter additional information such as Slope to horizon or Temperature.